​​​​​​​Release date: 
June 2nd, 2021
Octavi Navarro Arts & Games
$6.99 (Early Access)

Early Access
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From Octavi Navarro, creator of the critically acclaimed short games Midnight Scenes, The Librarian, and The Supper, comes The Chronicler, a peculiar fantasy Open-World RPG where you are the author of your own adventure.
Immerse yourself in the enigmatic world of Isola Benedicta, a piece of land lost in the middle of the ocean, trapped in a power struggle between two factions after the discovery of a mysterious monolith. Embark on many adventures, fight mythical and dangerous creatures, meet peculiar characters, develop your abilities, and use your skills in battle, whether alone or with help from one of the many companions you'll encounter. You choose the battles that will define your story. After all, you are a Chronicler!
- Advance your Chronicler's skills by fighting monsters, cooking delicious meals, fishing, and exploring the map
- A variety of quests to test your ingenuity, from simple fetch quests to complex adventures
- Gorgeous, unique 2D pixel art and detailed animations
- Atmospheric original soundtrack and immersive sound effects
- Experience medieval life in the game's evocative environments

Octavi Navarro Arts & Games is a tiny indie studio based in Barcelona, specializing in approachable, narrative video games crafted with tons of love.
Their games' most distinctive feature is a unique visual style, combined with original and risky narrative stories that resonate with players.
Octavi Navarro is a pixel artist and developer who worked on games like Thimbleweed Park and Photographs. He likes cats.
Susanna Granell takes care of the studio's business side, social media, and writing. She loves coffee.

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